Keepa Group Buy is also a cost tracking tool on Amazon, allowing you to:

  • Display cost history chart
  • Develop announcements about promotional information and availability of the item
  • Display historical information right inside your browse


Keepa Group Buy

what is Keepa ?

We will provide you the most effective online marketing tools today. The user is trusted and the part is a very good response. This is Keepa Group Buy, SellerLogic,..

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Keepa also supports on an international scale.

Keepa also supports on an international scale.

SellerLogic –  Build a reasonable price according to needs

SellerLogic helps optimize your commodity prices on Amazon. It helps you find money to grow with the ability to sell goods but still get a good sales margin, through the following strategies.

  •  BUY BOX: Rates will bring your item to the Panel Box
  • Position: Price will make you displayed in a special position in Search results
  • Sales: The price will make you maximize revenue
  • Same Price: appropriate money compared to competitors

BUY BOX is a “box” on the details page about an Amazon item – where the plan can take the purchase by tips “Add to cart”. Normally, an item will be provided by many sellers and they will have to compete with each other to be in the goal of BUY BOX with many outstanding advantages over the opponents. At a certain period of time, only one seller is in this position.

BUY BOX is a "box" on the details page about an Amazon item

BUY BOX is a “box” on the details page about an Amazon item

AppEagle – Auto Refresh Valuation Plan

A tool that is unlike the planning plan is AppEagle. It will automatically change the price plan, helping you even need to “move a finger” to rebuild the appropriate price every day.

Besides Amazon, AppEagle also supports entrepreneurs on a Marketplace, unlike Walmart.


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