What is WooRank? Optimize SEO standard website in whole with WooRank

Currently, in the world, there are many tools to help you check and optimize your Website for the best Seo standard. Some devices can be mentioned; such as Seo Doctor or Seoquake … However, because they are all free, software should be limited to certain functions and not updated regularly. Today First, I introduce a tool that I often use for my projects, WooRank. The device is currently priced at $ 49 with the Pro plan and $ 249 with the Enterprise plan. However, with a full 14-day trial mode, you can thoroughly test and optimize your Website.

Do not say much more; let’s learn about this tool with First One.

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1. What is WooRank?

2. Optimize SEO standard website with WooRank





1. What is WooRank?

WooRank is an online tool that checks and evaluates your Website’s SEO standards in their entirety, from which points to the Website’s SEO standardization on a 100-point scale and provides reports and comments on errors. Edit and supplement to make the Website more standard.

With Woorank, you can be evaluated to optimize the main parts of the Website, such as:

  • Visitors
  • Local
  • Social
  • Mobile
  • SEO
  • Usability

After completing the assessment, Woorank will return your Website evaluation results so that you will know what your Website needs and missing. If your Website gets over 50 points, it means that your Website is on the right track but still needs to be optimized.

Woorank’s evaluation criteria are divided into three main parts:

Optimize (Optimize): Set the criteria set on essential issues needed to perform to optimize the system.

Promote: Gives out a few more recommended criteria to promote website competitiveness.

Measure: Give criteria about the number of visits, a ranking of the Website

In addition to the online users, by visiting the homepage of Woorank, you can use addons to install in your browser, helping you optimize your Website anytime, anywhere.

Link to download Addon for Firefox: Here

Link to download Addon for Chrome: Here

2. Optimize SEO standard website with WooRank

As mentioned above, Woorank’s evaluation criteria are divided into three main parts: Optimize, Promote and Measure; we will explore each bar one by one. Please


This criterion is divided into five smaller criteria: Seo, Mobile, Usability, Technologies, and Crawl Errors. In which the two bars Seo and Mobile, are the most important, I will go into these two.


Title Tag: The title tag must contain keywords; a good website must automatically change this tag at will to change the keyword that you want to SEO. Each page in the Website must have a different title tag.

Meta Description: The Meta Description tag is the information description tag of the page; this tag is 150 to 170 characters long; it contains the keywords you want to SEO and must allow changes in the Website because each page must have a different description.

Google Preview: Here’s an example of what the title tag and meta tag will look like in Google search results. Title and meta tags are truncated if they are too long, as it is limited to the number of characters.

Headings: Headings are the tags that stand out on the web page. These tags must contain keywords.

Never duplicate title tag content. It’s important to make sure each page has a <H1> tag, no more. Instead, use multiple <H2> – <H6> tags.

Keywords Cloud: Provides an insight into how often keywords are used within a page. There are several online keyword research tools available to help you choose your right target keywords.

Keyword Consistency: This table highlights the importance of consistency with your use of keywords. To improve your chances of ranking well in search results for a particular keyword, be sure to include it in some or all of the following: page URL, page content, title tag, tag meta, the header tag, image alt attribute, internal text anchor link, and backlink anchor text.

Alt Attribute: will check if all images of the Website have alt text (alt attributes). Alt-text is used to describe an idea to give search engine crawlers more information to help them understand the concept, which can help it appear in image search results. By Google.

Text / HTML Ratio: is the percentage of text on the web page, the web pages containing many words will be appreciated. A ratio between 25 and 70 percent is ideal. When it passes that rate, the page runs the risk of being considered spam.

Indexed Pages: This is the number of pages that Google has indexed on the Website. It is essential to aim for all pages to be crawled and indexed on a search engine, as this gives the site more chances to be found.

XML Sitemap: Make sure the site already has an XML sitemap and submits it to major search engines. Building internal backlinks will also make the program easy to spot, crawl while building authority to help them rank in search engines.


Mobile Friendliness: This is a Google algorithm to rank websites on search results. Advantages of web standard Mobile Friendliness:

Works well on any device

Website friendlier

Give users a better experience.

Google can optimize the bug and accurately evaluate your rankings and reduce your work time.

Mobile Rendering: This is a popular website used on mobile devices today. Use an analytics tool (Chrome DevTools) to track your Website’s mobile usage.

Touchscreen Readiness: Make sure that your Website’s elements are large enough (at least 48 pixels in height and width) for the user to click easily. It is also essential to provide extra horizontal and vertical distance around your Website’s element (at least 32 pixels) to prevent a user from accidentally clicking on the wrong target.

Mobile Compatibility: The site does not embed any unique content in the Website, such as Flash, Silverlight, or Java, so that the website content can be accessed. All of the equipment.

Font size Legibility: The text on the Website is too small for mobile devices; first, make sure the viewport is configured correctly by following the recommendations below:

Use a base font size of CSS 16 pixels.

Use size relative to the base size to determine print size.

The general recommendation for character spacing is 1.2em.

Limit the number of fonts used and the size of the printed font.

Mobile Viewport Pages optimized to render well on mobile devices should include a Viewport meta in the head of the device identification document.

Mobile speed: Your mobile phone/website should respond to the offer and make “above the fold” content in under a second. This allows the user to start interacting with the page as soon as possible. See Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights Rules for more information on how each element is improved in this section. Mobile speed

Mobile Frameworks are an essential part of website optimization, assisting developers in creating applications that can be applied to multiple devices.


URL: Make your URLs short and avoid long domains when possible. A user will be able to look at the address bar and make an accurate prediction about the page’s content before reaching it—for example, http://www.mysite.com/en/products.

Favicon: This is an image – the icon (icon) next to the website address (URL) in the address bar (Address) in your browser (In IE, the default is the blue letter e of Microsoft). Each Website should have 1 Favicon for its Website.

Custom404 Page is what users see when they visit a page that does not exist on your site (because they clicked a broken link, this page was deleted, or mistyped a URL).

Conversion Forms is the form that you use to collect information about the visitors to your Website. The conversion form converts a visitor into a lead, collecting contact information about this lead.

The most common type of conversion form is for document download. Website will give free useful documents (in PDF, Video, Audio, etc.) and require recipients to fill in personal information (usually name, phone number, email) to receive this document. The list of people who subscribe to the Conversion form is called leads, with a particular interest in its content.

Above the Fold Content: When designing your homepage, make sure that your most important content is placed on the fold (headers visible without scrolling).

Page size: Page size affects your Website; try to keep your page size below 300 Kb. Use images with small dimensions and optimize downloads with gzip.

Load time: Slow loading time can be caused by several things, including websites with poorly optimized code (cache, Mysql queries, etc.), server problems, network, or third-party issues (ad code, analytics code, etc.).

Language: Use META Attribute language to declare the target language of the Website. Defines the language of the content in each HTML page.

Printability: This is a special CSS style sheet to ensure that unnecessary interface designs and images are ignored when printing pages from the web, saving users a lot of ink.

Structured Data Markup: structured data refers to formatted information in a familiar and easy-to-understand way. Search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo all use this data to filter search results with higher accuracy and improve the quality of products displayed. This makes it easier for users to find the information they desire.

Domain Availability: is the identifier of the Website on the Internet. Domain names are often associated with the company name and brand of the business.

International domain name format: www.tencongty.com (.com, .net, .biz .org, .info…)

National domain name format: www.tencongty.com.vn (or .net.vn, .biz.vn .org.vn, .gov.vn …)

Typo Availability: registration of many different domain names to avoid being appropriated.

Email Privacy: the security of email on a website.

Safe Browsing: Safe browsing without malicious software.

3. Conclusion

Above, Nhat Nhat has introduced to you most of the necessary functions in optimizing the Website with WooRank tools. Hopefully, this tool will help you push keywords in the right direction and fastest by optimizing a standard SEO website