How to use Keyword Tool effectively

Keyword Tool is not too strange for SEO people. But with Newbie is completely new. It is a useful keyword research Tool. Help you search for topics related to keywords with hundreds of instructions in seconds.
Join ToolsZap to learn more about what is the Keyword Tool and the Keyword Tool manual for the most effective.

What is Keyword Tool?

The keyword tool is a keyword research tool. That is the best and most potential long-term search for keywords. With long keywords, the SEO to top Google is much simpler.
For new websites, this is an opportunity for you to find potential traffic on the website. As for websites with a long-term age, you need to write new content, optimize the Onpage carefully, then submitting so that Google Index is also on page 1 Search.

Keyword Tool will have two different versions: free and paid copies.
Advantages: Keyword Tool keyword research tool will support you with a large number of related keywords.
Disadvantages: With free versions, there are many limits to analyze competitive keywords. But also enough for you to work.

Keyword research guide with effective Keyword Tool Currently

The Keyword Tool has been upgraded a lot. In addition to Google, you can search keywords in YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Play Store, Instagram, Twitter. Very power must not.
This section, Toolszap will guide you to study keywords at Google Search. Other parts are similar.

Step 1: Visit the link

  • Into the original interface
  • When you do not have an account, use the free version
  • 99% operating tools, no errors
  • Unlimited search turns

It can be seen, Keyword can help you find a lot of keywords related to the content you are looking for. Related keywords will automatically suggest you. Help you choose and understand more about your industry.

Because the pronunciation by reducing electronics will be a bit later:

  • You cannot see the full range of Search Volume
  • CPC – Cost Per Click
  • Cannot see Trends – Search trends
  • AdWords Competitivity
  • No items Search related keywords – Related keywords

Step 2: In the search section, we will enter the keyword, then press the magnifying glass icon to conduct a search.
For example, I do “SEO service,” giving the key to the search box. Results for 16 keywords related to “SEO service” with the free version.

Search for "SEO service" found 16 unique keyword tool
Search for “SEO service” found 16 unique keywords
Search for "SEO service" found 318 unique keyword tool
Search for “SEO service” found 318 unique keywords

With a paid, you will see some other sections like Related keywords – Looking for related keywords. Here, when searching for keywords relating to “SEO services,” for 318 keywords. Pretty much, right?
Set Up Other items on the left-hand side like LOCATIONS – NATIONAL, LANGUAGE – LANGUAGE, NETWORK – LINK NETWORK, CURRENCY – Currency unit.

Item Questions – Question: This is the part you should care about. Because the Keyword Toll will offer keywords and search intent that users or search.
Your job after finding the keyword is copying it to an Excel file. You can use the Copy/Export All item at the bottom of the tool to extract it.

Extract data in the Keyword Tool table
Extract data in the Keyword Tool table

Note when using the Keyword Tool

Usually, when you enter this keyword tool, it has been preinstalled. However, some cases are using the Keyword Tool wrongly led to the wrong keyword analysis status.

  • Select Google item: because we are looking for keywords for SEO websites on Google Search. If you want to do other SEO markets, choose another item.
  • Select the Google item your country: For example, we are SEO in Vietnam, choose to produce more accurate results.
  • Language options: Vietnamese

What will you do when you have a keyword list?

For those who do SEO, in the list above, you can do a lot of things. Such as:

  • Find ideas to write content, diverse more topics for the website
  • Find long keywords potential to SEO Website
  • Use that keyword list to run AdWords
  • Dverse Anchor Text in SEO Offpage or SEO Onpage

It can be seen that, although the keyword research tool is simple, it is very efficient. In particular, this tool is extremely suitable for people who do content.

Meaning of columns in Keyword Tool

  • Keyword: keywords related to key SEO keywords
  • Search volume: Local search quantity/month
  • Trend: Search trends increase by month
  • Cost Per Click: This is a payment fee when a user clicks on your contents
  • Keyword Competition: Keyword Competition Level of Adwords Ads

Thus, you understand what the keyword tool is and how to use the most simple keyword tool. Not only is that each keyword tool is keyword research. You can combine other keyword research tools to find more keywords. Once you have a keyword list, don’t forget the screening method and optimal method of efficiency.