What is gray hat SEO? Commonly used gray hat SEO tricks

Gray Hat SEO is considered one of the fastest effective SEO tips today. Gray hat SEO tricks are the harmonization of white hat SEO and black hat SEO. Each SEO technique will need different tricks and implementations. This article Toolszap will help you clarify gray hat SEO and the information related to this form of SEO in the most detail.

What is gray hat SEO?

At the time when new SEO techniques appeared, SEO techniques were divided into two basic types: white hat SEO and black hat SEO.

White hat SEO is a clean form of SEO that focuses on quality.
Black hat SEO is a dirty form of SEO, looking for ways to get the website recognized and appreciated.
The implementation time between these two types of SEO is quite far apart and to narrow down on techniques and tricks, gray hat SEO was born to reconcile clean SEO (white hat SEO) and dirty SEO (black hat SEO).

Gray Hat SEO (Gray Hat SEO) is a technical variation of white hat SEO and black hat SEO to help gray hat SEO achieve results faster than white hat SEO. If detected by Google, the penalty will also be lower than black hat SEO.

Gray hat SEO method will help shorten SEO time much more than white hat SEO and optimize cost. The risks from gray hat SEO are also lower than black hat SEO, so many people choose.

To apply black hat SEO requires experienced and capable SEOers on many previous websites. Errors from gray hat SEO can greatly affect the website. You should learn more about black and white hat SEO for comparison before doing gray hat SEO.

Learn more about white hat SEO and black hat SEO

White hat SEO

White Hat SEO is also known as White Hat SEO. This form of SEO will comply with the SEO values given by Google as ranking and evaluation criteria. This is one of the most reputable, transparent and clean SEO forms, always ensuring compliance with all the principles that search engines have set.

This SEO method, in addition to being technically OK, also provides customers with a valuable amount of information. Currently, white SEO also focuses on user experience, so it will optimize from the website interface, to be friendly to the phone… Performing white SEO techniques will have to accept SEO for a long time with a professional team, have an SEO strategy and continuously monitor SEO KPIs.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO or Black Hat SEO is a dirty SEO trick, cheating and the complete opposite of white SEO. Black hat SEO will use SEO techniques banned by search engines to increase rankings in the fastest way. If this form is detected by Google, the website will be subject to some very heavy penalties. In some cases, the domain name is permanently deleted. Black hat SEO gives quick results, low cost but risky and contains a lot of risks.

Highlights of Gray Hat SEO

  • Gray hat SEO is chosen by many SEOers in some cases of website SEO because they have many highlights such as:
  • Using gray hat SEO tricks, the website will rank up pretty quickly.
  • Professional gray hat SEO tips will help your website pass the search engine’s review. But know that the line between white hat SEO and black hat SEO is also quite thin. If you are not careful, it can be detected by Google.
  • When discovered by Google, gray hat SEO will be penalized much more gently than black hat SEO.
  • Fast implementation time, low cost when using gray hat SEO compared to white hat SEO techniques.

Common tricks of gray hat SEO

Gray hat SEO method will combine with white hat SEO and black hat SEO. It needs to be done professionally so as not to be confused with black hat SEO and get results faster with white hat SEO. To do this, you need gray hat SEO tricks like:

3-way link exchange

Website should conduct mutual link exchange between 3 areas. This will help the website receive more interactions and ensure safety in the SEO process. Monitor gray hat SEO KPIs in this case regularly. When you see that the rankings have reached a certain level, switch back to white hat SEO techniques.

Article tips in gray hat SEO

Article spinning is the most used gray hat SEO article trick. The writer will proceed based on the old articles to create a new article. Or select old content and edit to create more new content without being judged as stealing content.

Check unique to ensure that there is no question of copyright. Currently, search engines and algorithms have developed strongly, so copying other people’s content will not be able to guarantee to pass any SEO tricks.

Buy back old or expired reputable domain names

There are quality domains that are owning a new amount of backlinks that are about to expire. Or expired domain names usually rank pretty well. Buy these domain names to change the link to the website you want to SEO will help achieve higher efficiency.

Google Bomb

Gray hat SEO will use tricks to generate a large amount of links. This amount of links will appear continuously and in many different websites to help the website be appreciated by Google’s search algorithms and display well in search results to increase rankings faster.

Techniques for manipulating content with CSS

Search bots and Google algorithms have evolved to a new level. They can understand html/xhtml content well, and yet not parse CSS content. Google’s algorithms also haven’t identified hidden text, so SEOs can take advantage of this vulnerability to make images of content on the page.

However, Google still has other filters and you cannot hide from other search engines. So this is not a long-term way, but it is necessary to monitor, reconcile and change other gray hat SEO tricks.

Optimizing keywords with a separate page

Optimize each keyword with a separate page to expand SEO capabilities and exploit more information. This will also help increase the number of links to connect to the main site and bring long-term effects.

Microsites (small web)

Similar to creating a separate site for each keyword, the website will be created by breaking down each industry of a company. For example, SEO companies will have websites dedicated to SEO web, news websites, websites specializing in hosting… With this division, you can SEO map, spread your brand more easily.

However, with the gray hat SEO method, any abuse will easily lead to consequences being detected by Google. So should choose gray hat SEO or not?

Should you choose gray hat SEO or not?

Gray hat SEO, white hat SEO and black hat SEO will have different results. To determine whether to use gray hat SEO method or not, you should use the following criteria to compare:

  • About time: Gray hat SEO is a compromise between white hat SEO techniques and black hat SEO tricks. Implementation time is faster than White Hat SEO and safer than Black Hat SEO.
  • In terms of effectiveness: White hat SEO always delivers the safest results. Black hat SEO gives the fastest effect, but when it is discovered, it is easy to “fly away”. Meanwhile, gray hat SEO also gives quick results, but when detected, there will be no heavy penalty.
  • In terms of content quality, SEO White Hat and gray hat are both content-focused. And Black Hat SEO is more spam content and links.
  • Using gray hat SEO still gives effective unique content, but the content will not be as diverse as white hat SEO.
  • About link quality: White hat SEO links will be completely natural, gray hat SEO links will come from many other sources and still guarantee a lot more quality than black hat SEO.

If you do not want to spend time on white hat SEO but want to eliminate the risk from black hat SEO and need for quick SEO strategies, you should choose gray hat SEO. After a while giving the desired results, starting to return to white hat SEO will be safer and more effective.

Gray hat SEO shortens SEO time, gives fast results and is not penalized like black hat SEO. However, gray hat SEO will be quite close to black hat SEO, so it is necessary to pay attention to SEO tricks to avoid excessive SEO and being discovered by Google. Need to learn more about safe web SEO to help increase rankings fast, optimize with users to increase visits, increase organic conversion rate, please contact Toolszap.info via

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